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18 things to learn about Science from Psalm 104

A class filled with these kinds of facts captivates the spirit and inspires us to action and worship!  It is so true, wisdom starts by fearing God.  Creation is a constant reminder of how great our God is!  Here are the lessons we should teach our children as we show them Creation…

  1. Foundation of Science: That God is very great, He is clothed with honour and majesty. He covers Himself with light as with a garment.  This truly is a picture of royalty and glory!
  2. Astronomy: God stretched out the heavens as a curtain. Remember how vast the heavens are – WOW God just stretches them out like we close our curtains… You are amazing God!
  3. Weather: God lays the beams of His upper chamber in the waters, makes the clouds His chariot, who walks on the wings of the wind. Who knew the wind had wings! I can’t help but think – God had a heap of fun, creating this all – riding the clouds like a chariot- how awesome!
  4. God created both seen and unseen worlds: His angels He made spirits, and His ministers as flames of fire. Isn’t that amazing, fire… think about that…
  5. Earth’s foundations: God laid the foundations of the earth so that it should not be moved forever. When God does something – He does it well. Foundations we know are most important.
  6. Oceans: The earth’s foundations were covered with water, as a garment. The waters stood above the mountains. At God’s rebuke the water fled over the mountains into the valleys, to where God had founded for them. Oh I love this thought! Surely God is in control of this world – more than we give Him credit for… I can so see this!
  7. Weather, Floods: The water now has a boundary so that they will no longer flood the earth. Thank God that He is a covenant keeping God –I love His steadfast love and commitment to us. We are truly blessed to serve such a faithful God.
  8. Springs: God sends the springs into the valleys, that they may flow among the hills to give drink to the animals and birds. He thinks of everything, I see His ingenuity here.
  9. Water cycle: God waters the hills from His upper chambers; the earth is satisfied with the fruit of His works. God’s goodness and kindness are all over His creation.
  10. Vegetation, Resources: God causes the grass and vegetation to grow for the cattle and service of man. He has created all to aid man – that he may bring forth food from the earth, wine to make the heart glad, oil to make his face shine, and bread to strengthen man’s heart. Such a picture of a loving father – providing all that we need, He is amazing!
  11. Animals and their habitats: God has created the different habitats for the various animals that He has made. Nothing is by accident, each valley, cravass or tall tree has its purpose.
  12. Seasons, Night and Day: God created the seasons, the night and the day, and each have it’s purpose. i.e. At night the forest creeps around, the lions seek prey from God, when the sun rises they sleep in their dens and mankind wakes up to work. Like clockwork, a reminder that God is never sleeping, He is always at work in this world…
  13. The ‘wow factor’ belongs to God not to creation itself: How manifold are God’s work and in wisdom He has made them all. The earth is full of God’s possessions. True cleverness for sure, God you are amazing!
  14. There is such variety and unsearchable wonder about Creation, this reflects the vastness of God. The sea is filled with innumerable teeming things… Scientists are still discovering new species, just like we can be discovering new aspects of who God is, He is unsearchable!
  15. Creation looks to God, the same humanity was created to do so: The sea is filled with innumerable teeming things, they all wait for God to give them their food in due season. What God gives them they gather in, you open your hand and they are filled with good. You hide your face, and they are troubled. Oh wow, I can so see this, we don’t realise how much each creature in this world knows it is reliant on God. Sometimes I think we are stupider than the animals! God may we look to you each day and have our total trust and reliance on you too.
  16. Life truly originates with God: If God takes away the breath of living creatures they die and return to dust. God sends forth His spirit and they are created, and they renew the face of the earth. God is so involved, doesn’t this fill your heart with so much wonder towards Him, and a great assurance that He is sovereign and in control – how peaceful we should be, living out this truth.
  17. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions a reminder of God’s power: God looks on the earth and it trembles; He touches the hills, and they smoke. Oh wow! Just one touch, and the whole earth trembles. A reminder of His power and might.
  18. A right response to the study of Science is to be in wonder of God! As we consider His works we should glorify God and praise His name forever. May we raise our children up to love God, and show His greatness and love through all He has made. A right response to looking at Creation – is worship J


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