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30 tips to Run With Joy – Acts 20

The Apostle Paul is such an inspiration of one who ran the Christian walk with joy.

Below are some things I can learn from the heart and passion of the Apostle Paul from Acts 20:18-36:

  1. Serve the Lord with all humility. (v18)
  2. Be prepared for tears and trials. (v19)
  3. Keep nothing back in my teaching which is helpful (v20)  
  4. Teach as appropriate.  There is a place for both large settings (sermon), as well as small group setting (house to house). (v20)
  5. Keep the message simple.  Know my bottom line.  Repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ (v21)
  6. Be willing to go where God is calling me, even when I do not know what awaits me.  (v22)
  7. Listen and follow the Holy Spirit, even when the message may not seem advantageous.  i.e – He was willing to go, even when in every city, it said that chains and tribulations awaited him. (v23)
  8. Do not fear.  Tribulation did not move him!  He was not afraid of these things.(v24)
  9. Life is not about me.  He did not count his life dear to himself. (v24)
  10. Have a goal in mind.  He desired to finish his race with joy. (v24)
  11. Be committed to the call of God on my life.  He desired to finish well the ministry that God had given him. (v24)
  12. Believe that God has called me for a purpose.  He knew he was called by God to do what he did.  (v24)
  13. Preach a message centred in the Word.  He preached the kingdom of God (v25)
  14. Keep my focus right – souls and eternity.  He declared he was innocent of the blood of all men, because he had been faithful to his call.  (v26)
  15. Don’t steer away from teaching the truth because it is un-popular.  He was not afraid to teach and preach the whole counsel of God.  (v27)
  16. Take heed to my own life.  (v28)
  17. Take heed of the flock, the people entrusted to me, to shepherd.  (v28)
  18. Value the church, acknowledging that the church was purchased with Christ’s blood.  (v28)
  19. Be aware of savage wolves coming to destroy the flock.  (v29)
  20. Be aware that there is also a danger of people among the flock raising up and wanting to draw people away from truth and towards themselves.  (v30)
  21. Be passionate to warn people of these dangers, even with tears.  (v31).  What passion!
  22. Therefore be on watch! (v31)
  23. Inspire people to get into the Word, as well as myself.  It builds our lives up.  The Word of His grace.  (v32)
  24. The Bible also gives us an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.  (v32)
  25. Do not covet others riches or possessions.  (v33)
  26. Be willing to provide your own way, and for those around you.  Don’t look to others for provision.  (v34)
  27. Be an example to others how to live.  (v35)
  28. Show by your life, the importance of supporting the weak  (v35)
  29. Find the joy of giving.  It is more blessed to give, than to receive.  (v35)
  30. Commit everything to prayer.  He commenced his encouragement with prayer.  (v36)

The is a life that knows how to finish strong… and to run with joy!


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