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A Whisper in the Chaos – Elevation Church

What a moving short film.  An inspiration to wait in the silence for the God who speaks.

It opens with the illustration of Elijah hidden in a cave and how he cried out to God.  He then heard God speak, not as a loud wind or earthquake…. but as a small still voice.
Centuries later there was silence once again…. As the people waited for a Messiah to come.  He did not come with swords, he did not come as a king on a throne…. He was not a hero as one would expect.  God sent his son, into a small town, in the still of the night… The fulfilment of the promise became flesh, the Saviour of the world came into the world as a small child.  Gentle and small.  Like a whisper.

Jesus did not arrive in the way we expected.  He was born into humble circumstances.  Son of a heavenly father, born to a vision mother.

He arrived not to sit at the table of the privilege or entitled.  He came to visit the home of the outcast.

He stood with the oppressed and healed the sick.

Jesus is the gift we cannot earn.

He sees you

He chooses you

He knows your story and your name

No matter what you have done.  His love for you is just the same,

You may not have seen God in the way you have expected.. but in this moment… listen…He is whispering to you.

How powerful is that.  Check out the video to get the full impact of this message.  Thanks Elevation Church.  Keep up the incredible work you do!