Scripture - Teaching - Artistic - Relevant.


A place to be inspired to teach Christianly with creativity and passion.  Creation is a place to find many illustrations that plainly speak of His truth and wisdom for life.

Romans 1:20 talks about the fingerprint of God which is seen in everything He has made.  What does God want us to learn through what He has made?

The heart of this site is to create a library of resources where you can search aspects of God’s creation and see what it teaches about who God is and His principles for life.

A‘Star Teacher’ –  teaches inspired.  This is a place to come to be inspired to teach.  Often we get busy finding the what and the how – but this is a place to consider the ‘why?’ behind it all.   I believe as you get the AHA moment yourself, that the Holy Spirit can inspire you how to implement it.

Having a revelation of God’s truth – creates wonder and invokes a curiosity in those who you teach to learn more about Him.

The vision of this blog is to give you tools to teach…

S          Scripturally inspired – God’s Word has the keys to life.

T          Teaching through Creation – truth hung on practical illustrations

A         Artistically presented – Creativity of God shining through us.

R         Relevant to this generation – raising a company of world changers

Gain inspiration for whatever aspect of Christian education you are involved in. If it be at home, church or school.  Christians once lead the way in education  and we need to lead the way again!

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