Do It Again
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This is s powerful video from Elevation Church encouraging us to “Do It Again”.  Life has disappointments, pain, even regret and failure; but God is the God of hope, He believes in us despite our short-comings. I believe this is a powerful resource to encourage young people to “Do It Again’ believe God, trust God,View more…

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This video, which is a Thai commercial,  illustrates the beauty of looking beyond yourself, of noticing the people and opportunities there are to do good all around us.  We truly are God’s hands and feet in this world, and our small deeds of kindness has a ripple effect on others, not only today, but intoView more…


Dr Caroline Leaf has a massive host of resources which help us understand how we think and backs it up with Scripture and Scientific research.  This is an example of the short videos which are available which are a great Christian Education resource for teacher and learner alike.  Here she talks about the power ofView more…