Identity - Who Am I?
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A great video which poses the question – who am I?  Am I the sum of my achievements?  Is my value found in what I have done?  Am I the sum of what other people say I am?  Or am I able to listen to the Word of God and hear the truth of whoView more…

G is for Grass
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G is for Grass is a study throughout the Bible on the analogies we can learn from grass. There are different types of grasses Pharoah had a dream about marsh grass. (Gen. 41) Mountain grasses (Prov. 27:25) Animals eat grass The picture of an ox eating grass is how The king of Moab felt whenView more…

Value of the Bible

Below is a description of Jerusalem.  It had been under seige from the enemy for about 2 years.  During this time, desperate times were been had, as food was scarce, and the children of Israel were being punished for their disobedience.  Amongst these descriptions is a reminder of the importance of prioritising feeding our childrenView more…