F is for Flower
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Flowers are so beautiful and remind us of God’s glory and beauty. He hides flowers in hidden valleys, just showing His extravagent love. He is a God of great beauty and majesty. The flowers varied in species, appearance and fragrance remind us of how beautiful our God is. Flowers have a short expectancy of lifeView more…

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The story of Christmas has it’s roots throughout the whole Bible.  Another word for God’s big story is the meta-narrative of the Bible.  This is touched on in this clip. The story of God creating us to know him, of us choosing to not listen to God’s ways and to do our own thing andView more…

Value of the Bible

Below is a description of Jerusalem.  It had been under seige from the enemy for about 2 years.  During this time, desperate times were been had, as food was scarce, and the children of Israel were being punished for their disobedience.  Amongst these descriptions is a reminder of the importance of prioritising feeding our childrenView more…