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A beautiful video by Brian Doerksen highlighting the many aspects of God’s incredible Creation. A great tool for highlighting the wonder of who God is, and the varied and magnificent Creation He has made. No matter what aspect of Creation you are teaching about, this will help inspire those you are teaching to be inView more…

F is for Flower
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Flowers are so beautiful and remind us of God’s glory and beauty. He hides flowers in hidden valleys, just showing His extravagent love. He is a God of great beauty and majesty. The flowers varied in species, appearance and fragrance remind us of how beautiful our God is. Flowers have a short expectancy of lifeView more…

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The analogy of a tree planted by water is a beautiful picture of a flourishing life.  It reminds us of the importance of trusting in God, this can come from meditating on the Word of God and acting upon it.  Like when a tree is flourishing, you see the leaves green and the fruit onView more…